Economic, Social and Community Impacts of Cadia Valley Operations shows gold mining operation worth $1.5b to Central West

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The Western Research Institute recently completed an economic, social and community impact report for Cadia Valley Operations.

The study involved an economic impact study of the gold mining operation, based near Orange NSW, looking at its contribution to the local government areas adjacent to the mine’s operations including Orange, Cabonne, Blayney, Cowra and Bathurst.

The results of the economic impact study show Cadia to be a significant contributor to its local economy, injecting $1.5 billion in output, supporting almost 2,500 jobs and providing $210 million in household income.

In addition to the economic impact study, WRI also completed a socio-economic profile of the region, and specifically the CVO workforce through a survey. The workforce survey was able to measure the impacts on CVO’s local community in terms of patronage of facilities and services as well as contribution to the skilled workforce.

Interviews with stakeholders were also conducted, giving a 360 degree view of the mining operations in the region. Whilst stakeholders held both positive and negative views in relation to the gold mine, on balance it was recognised that CVO positively impacts its local community through the significant employment opportunities it provides and its economic contribution.

Understanding the socio-economic impact of the mining operation on their local communities provides CVO and their stakeholders with critical information for future planning. Indicators such as the skills mix of the workforce, key sectors benefitting from the mine’s operations, and the employees’ utilisation of community services provides the region with information to support further moves to diversify the economy for the future.

An electronic copy of the Executive Summary report can be provided on request.



Australian Regional Development Conference,  Albury 15th & 16th October

Be sure to pop over and say hello to our team at the Australian Regional Development Conference in Albury this week.

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Museums & Galleries released an economic impact assessment of 26 cultural facilities in NSW's Evocities in Bathurst today by Minister for Local Government and Member for Bathurst Paul Toole.

The assessment, undertaken by WRI, found that the 26 cultural facilities funded by Local government contributed a total of $61.8 million dollars in goods and services to the combined economies, added $32.35 in value to the combined regional domestic product (RDP) and contributed $15.3 million to household incomes.

This research confirms the great value provided by Local government through theprovision of museums, galleries and performing arts centres.Not only do they help mould and shape community identity by supporting local artsworkers, and providing access for regional audiences, they also contribute positively tothe local and regional economies and provide a positive return on investment for bothState and Local government, said Minister Toole at the launch.

The full report can be downloaded from the Museums & Galleries NSW website.

M&G NSW press release

Minster for Local Government Mr Paul Toole press release




2014 Liqu-Moli Bathurst 12 Hour Economic Impact Report

Results of  WRI's recently completed economic impact study of the 2014 Liqui-Moli Bathurst 12 Hour race were released by Bathurst Regional Council Today.

The study shows the event contributes $6.37 million to the Central West Economy and almost 30 full time equivalent jobs for Bathurst. Further investment in developing our local economy, particularly in manufacturing, will enable the region to capture more of the value created by the event.

Read Bathurst Regional Council's announcement in today's Western Advocate here.



Central West Jobs Summit

Representatives from across the region gathered in Orange today to focus on recently announced planned job losses in the region.
WRI's Danielle Ranshaw was among the speakers, presenting an economic snapshot of the region and results from the recently completed Economic Impact of Electrolux.

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Download the economic snapshop presentation