Quantify BenefitsKnow the economic return on your project or program

 Whether it be a new capital development or a program delivering services into the community, understanding the economic benefits generated by a project as well as the costs of implementing it, is crucial. Decision makers require an accurate assessment of the net economic benefits when allocating financial resources. WRI’s approach to benefit cost analysis includes:

  • Understand the objectives of the project or program in the context of the community it intends to serve.

  • Identify the quantifi able costs and benefi ts and source supporting data in order to achieve this.

  • Identify those elements that are less amenable to quantification and source other supporting evidence about these elements that will strengthen the business case.

  • Construct alternative scenarios or options to which the proposed project or program should be compared.

  • Perform sensitivity analysis.

  • Comply with the recommended guidelines for conducting economic appraisals and seek advice from the relevant agencies.

Support decision makers with solid quantified evidence about your projects
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