The Western Research Institute (WRI) is a not-for-profit think-tank based in regional Australia which conducts social and economic research to support better decision-making and stronger investment in sustainable regional development. 

WRI also provides a social and economic research consultancy service to support sound infrastructure investments, successful grant applications, business case development, cost-benefit analysis, economic impact analysis and program evaluations. Our role in supporting regional Australia is to connect organisations with credible research that enables them to maximise opportunities for sustainability, growth and future development.

We work with our clients to understand their research needs. It’s rare that two projects are completely alike, so WRI looks for ways to adapt our approaches and our knowledge to new contexts. We have a strong track record for producing information that has enabled organisations to successfully secure funding for infrastructure and community development projects.

For purpose, not for profit.  As a not-for-profit enterprise, WRI is committed to re-investing our surplus in our communities and our purpose for the benefit of Australia's inland regions.

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